Welcome to the communications hub of Rainbow Squared, an unfolding DIY divination system as well as an ongoing performance of making. Brought to you by me, ilyse iris.

But really, what is a Rainbow Squared?

Rainbow Squared is a formula for creating series of 49 pieces that each explore a pair of colors from a 7x7 rainbow grid. The finished pieces consist of both visual art and text, which can in turn become images and interpretations in a personalized oracle deck.

So far, I have completed five series of 49 pieces:

Starting in 2023, I am working on my sixth, as well as a guide for others to create their own series in the future.

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To learn more about the context of this project and to experience each of the previous year’s giant twitchy grids, please visit arainbowsquared.com

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A developing DIY divination system based on 49 pairs of colors from a 7x7 rainbow grid. Colormancy, creative practice, spiritual reckoning.


artist. writer. parent. rainbow trash witch.