Welcome to Rainbow Squared, an ongoing documentation of a durational performance piece in making art during parenthood, or any other time when your time is divided.

Every week you’ll receive a piece in your inbox, or 49 pieces a year. Each consists of an animation and an essay inspired by a randomly-drawn color combination from a 7x7 rainbow grid.

Most pieces are produced by me, ilyse iris. Topics I cover often include creative practice, spiritual practice, magic, caretaking, existential anxiety, environmental panic, social justice reckoning, and more.

For this fifth year of the project, every seventh piece will be from a different guest artist.

Here is how the grid is looking about halfway through the year:

Visit arainbowsquared.com to see the full grid in real time, to see previous years’ pieces, and to learn more about the project. You can also find me on Instagram @rainbowsquared.

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